Mid-America Dharma Hosts
Anushka Fernadopulle
leading a
Non-Residential Insight Meditation Retreat
May 20-22, 2016
Hollis Renewal Center - Kansas City, KS
  Note: The retreat is non-residential. You will need to provide your own lunches and lodging.
This retreat is priced on a sliding scale, from $60 to $90
 For an explanation of our pricing, see the note at the bottom of this page.

Good news - registration and payment due dates are extended to May 13th.
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To assure everyone has a safe and wholesome retreat,
 we ask each retreatant to honor The Five Precepts
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For further materials or assistance please contact Jon Yaffe, Registration Coordinator,
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Sliding Scale Retreat Fees

Facing increasing costs, retreat centers are increasing their charges. Also, many centers now require us to pay for a large guaranteed number of retreatants, whether registration reaches that level or not. 
These factors create a real dilemma for us. How do we keep retreat fees as affordable as possible while also covering our costs, especially if registration falls below the required guarantee? 
We have decided to ask for your support by implementing a sliding fee scale for our retreats. We now list a range of registation fee amounts. The base fee is the smallest amount that covers our expected costs. Additionally we list a set of optional larger amounts. Anything paid above the base fee will be a tax-deductible contribution to Mid America Dharma, which will be used to pay unmet retreat expenses. If fees and contributions exceed expenses, the surplus will be used to cover scholarships and our other activities. 
We hope you see this as an opportunity to express generosity and share your blessings with the whole sangha of those attending these retreats. This is a wonderful way to support and extend your practice.

To save a record of the fee you wish to pay, please print this page before clicking "Register Now". 
We offer financial aid to help with registration cost. After you submit this registration, you will be able to navigate to the Financial Aid information and request form. 
For more on The Five Precepts, click HERE.
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